Cupping is a tool that can provide fast relief to tension and myofascial holding patterns.  Some people find the sensation of cupping utterly satisfying, especially the release felt after removal, and others find it painful.  Please let me know if you are curious to try a cup and see where you land on the spectrum.

I use plastic cups that can suction from light to very strong to provide an opposite effect to the downward pressure of massage, pulling skin and muscle tissues up and away from the body.   This helps create space between these aspects in the body, as well as helping bring fresh blood, lymph, oxygen, and energy flow to the areas addressed to renew and revive circulation and tissue health. 

*Be aware that there can be a light rash or bruise-like discoloration called ‘sha’ which may last up to about a week, depending the stagnation present in the area.  

I love incorporating cups into my fusion sessions where my clients are seeking speedy relief from pain or tension.  It is like having a massage from two therapist at the same time, effectively!  I carry on in another area while the cups do their magic.  

Although cupping is an ancient technique there is some current research for its effectiveness including this article from the Mayo Clinic on cupping therapy for fibromyalgia.