Licensed Massage Therapist

OBMT #16166

Spiritual Mentor | Intuitive Healer

In 2007, Kamila graduated from Portland’s East West College of Healing Arts, an institution producing high quality, respected therapists for both medical and alternative health fields. Since then, she has been fine-tuning her powerfully effective style of healing and bodywork. 

Kamila’s style skillfully balances a practical understanding of body mechanics and anatomy with a highly intuitive sensitivity which guides her to help restore balance in the most compassionate, efficient, and effective way possible.

Intuitive sensitivity also allows Kamila to feel into the multi-layered nature of her clients – energetic, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical. Over 15 years of meditative mindfulness and a practice of deep self-healing have helped her achieve this sensitivity. She is passionate about awakening and encouraging her clients to higher states of wellbeing and consciousness to empower their own innate genius and intuition.

Kamila’s sessions are soothing, satisfying, and revelatory – a balm to the mind, body, and soul – and truly transformational.

” I believe in a world where everyone is fully supported, nourished, and enjoys an abundant, heart centered life! I look forward to work with you and encourage optimal joy and health in your life.” 


Tend the body,

calm the mind,

free the spirit

Concetta is new addition to the Equilibria team, and we are so honored to have her. With over 30 years as a skilled practitioner she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience very few bodyworkers can claim. 
She has a profound understanding of the body-mind spirit continuum and educates her clients to develop a more conscious relationship to the care and tending of their body.  It is her intent to encourage clients to be actively involved in their sessions with breath, curiosity, imagery and awareness.  Concetta’s goal is to cultivate a deepening capacity of receptivity in sessions, which brings healing to tissues, over stimulated nervous systems and a needed experience of calm. 
Concetta’s approach is to resolve pain and chronic restrictions with the variety of techniques she weaves in to support greater ease and spaciousness within.
Sessions are a blend of Myofascial massage, Trigger Point release, nurturing Swedish, and Deep Tissue modalities. She also employs Cupping, Gua Sha, heated stones, and essential oils as desired and needed. 
Concettas career in Massage Therapy began in the New York/New Jersey area after training with the Swedish Institute.  After a move to the West Coast and more training in San Diego and Santa Barbara, she migrated to the glorious Pacific NW. Milwaukie has been her home since 2004, and she has been practicing locally since 2000, ever more honing her skills in therapeutic massage.