As a highly sensitive, empathic person, I feel deep subtleties intuitively. It is with skill well honed, through profound personal experience and investigation, that I am honored to support my clients through the alchemical process of Self deepening and knowing – an initiation into ones true and high potential.  

Are you feeling ready for deeper healing and desiring assistance in that process?  

Massage/bodywork is a powerful modality that can be used in this alchemical process to finally moving past limitations that hold one back from joy and freedom.  Limitations may include fears or old, unresolved emotions held in the mind and/or body. The goal is greater connection and awareness of ones experience, fully, that has us living in the Present, not the past.  With this present awareness and relationship to yourself you come into your creative power here and now in order to transform your life to live your highest purpose fully. 

Each session is unique. I bring a broad spectrum awareness to each session to bring about the greatest good possible in our time.  I will assist you in bringing the big picture into focus and connecting the dots, so that you may see the truth of who you truly are – an infinitely beautiful, capable, and inherently worthy being.

We will collectively utilize our intuitions to set the tone of the sessions.  You don’t need any previous skill or knowledge. Just show up and the rest will take care of itself. Sessions can be very subtle energy work focused, or deep and physically therapeutic. I will utilize my toolbox with myofascial release, passive stretching, deep and soft tissue massage, Swedish relaxation, chakras, Reiki energy, visualizations, breathwork, sound healing, non-violent communication skills, essential oils, movement/dance, mindfulness meditation, just to name a few.  You let me know what interests you, and if there is anything you would rather steer clear of.

This is an organic process, and your openness to change, as well as engagement in the process, is what brings about the biggest transformation.  I encourage you to be curious, open minded, and courageous. Ready for a change in your life. Committed to self-knowledge, presence, awareness, growth with humility, with a sense of humor!  Lets not forget that! Laughter is one of my favorite medicines. 

What people are saying about this work…

“Beyond not wanting to simply echo what is evident – that she is a gifted healer – the truth is that her work defies words.  The work Kamila and I do with my somatic being is best felt and hummed and breathed and even danced. I was looking for someone to help heal my grieving soul and clear old blocked energy patterns. The work we’ve done on the table has resulted in helping me regain my balance, access and generate energy through my own breath and sustain the learning facilitated by our sessions when I’m in my daily life. Kamila is effective because she develops trust and confidence: following her intuition and applying her facility at touch ALWAYS results in a more deeply relaxed, vibrant and energized me.  She is grounded and fully present which provides both an invitation and a path to be grounded and fully present too.”

~ Evelyn M., Transformational Bodywork Client

For my Transformational Bodywork sessions, I would recommend having a counselor or therapist in conjunction in order to get the greatest transformation. If you are seeking growth, deep healing, and transformation, this bodywork can open things you may still be holding onto from the past, or open you to new energy to create the future you desire most. Having support in the mental and emotional realms simultaneous to that of the physical body realm will be a holistic approach that I believe and have experienced the best experience from. That is of course unique to each individual. Always, follow your own heart. It knows best. ~


“My first experience at Equilibria Wellness & Massage was a complete joy from the very moment I walked in – the gorgeous setting and smell, and Kamila’s beautiful warming smile and laugh put me immediately at ease and encouraged me to open even before I laid down. Far from just relying on her learned techniques, Kamila really took her time to listen deeply to my body’s needs and worked upon me with extraordinary intuition and perception. My body has never felt so understood, so accepted, so loved and embraced – releasing long-held physical and emotional blocks into a wonderfully new breathing whole – and although in the following days I’ve come back to earth again after floating around Portland like a happy, fluffy cloud, my body still remembers what it can feel, and how it would love to continue reverberating.”

~ John Paul Gandy, Transformational Bodywork Client

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