Transformational Mentorship

If you are seeking empowerment through Transformation and Spiritual Awakening, Kamila holds powerful space for you to strengthen your own deep listening, your intuition, to open and surrender fully to metamorphosis. She helps you question, unfold, and heal. Strengthen your witness. Deepen your embodiment and your creative power. Kamila is an intuitive healer who has been through many of the fires of transformation and will fearlessly support you through your own. These sessions are talk sessions and work in tandem with Transformational Healing sessions.

Please specify in your notes on your appointment if you prefer phone or an in person session.

NOTE: Before booking a mentorship session for the first time, please book a free phone consult to make sure Kamila is a good fit for you.

Transformational Mentorship

$88 / Hour

$132 / 90 Min.