Transformational Healing

Spiritual Awakening is happening to more and more people these days and it can often be disorienting, overwhelming, and confusing to navigate. Having a competent guide and mentor can be invaluable to smoothing and speeding up the process. This is an integrative, intuitive energywork, bodywork, and or shamanic healing session that empowers you to set intentions for healing and revelation on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. Kamila will support you to strengthen your conscious awareness and trust your own inner voice with guidance for that which needs healing and transformation in whatever stage of awakening you are at. A variety of modalities may be employed depending on what is intuitively asked for. Visualizations. Movement and Voice Release. Sound Healing. Anointing. Ritual. Visceral Manipulation. Tools and education are offered to take home.These sessions flow organically. Surrender is a big part of the process.

This work can open you up to new energetic, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual channels, and is best done in tandem with psychotherapy or other support channels.

These sessions sometimes go over 90 minutes. Please allow several hours of rest time after your session, preferably the rest of the day, to integrate these shifts for greatest benefit.

NOTE: Please book a free phone consult prior to booking a Transformational Healing session in order to make sure you a good fit for this session at this time.


Transformational Healing

$166 / 90 min.

$222 / 2 Hours