Somato – Emotional Healing is a profound technique that lovingly and gently guides your awareness into your body to find where emotions may be repressed and holding you back to then be safely released.

Repressed emotions can often be connected to the imbalances that manifest within the body – pain, illness, disease, stress, anxiety. 


When we address and gain a healthy relationship to our emotional world we can reclaim our energy, body, mind, and spirit. We can begin to gain a traction in our lives we may have never felt before. 


We can attain an agency and sovereignity in our lives that allows us to make powerful choices for greater happiness and fulfillment. 


We no longer feel at the mercy of our lives and become creators instead of victims. We learn healthy boundaries.  We communicate more directly, honestly, and lovingly for what serves us and those in our lives without fear.


You may connect with an old story that may be outdated and needing an update or healing. 

You will be guided in the rewriting of that story during your session.


You may have not felt comfortable to express a certain emotion due to it being unsupported.

You will be supported to express in a way that feels more safe and easier than you could imagine. 


You will get familiar in working with your emotions on a daily basis to feel safe with any emotion.

Your homework will support and empower you forward.


These sessions are done lying down, clothed, often in tandem with Reiki, and can include sound healing, guided visualizations, and supportive homework to anchor new skills with emotions.


Clients report one session being equivalent to years of therapy!  Make sure to allow time after your session to relax and integrate this powerful healing.


Doing a series of these sessions is recommended in order to anchor a new skill set and cleanse the body of old emotional content.  Find a frequency of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly that works best for you based on your readiness for transformation.  Committing to this work may be the greatest gift you could possibly give yourself, for your longevity, holistic health, and fulfillment. 


Note: This work is best done with the support of a trained mental health counselor in order to fully integrate the release and healing possible in this work.


If you have any questions regarding this healing, please don’t hesitate to schedule a free discovery call on our booking page!