• We are highly skilled, committed, and compassionate therapists offering exceptionally personalized service.  
  • We maintain a peaceful, clean, warm, and beautiful space for you to relax. Attention is taken to every detail. Heated table. Hot towels. Aromatherapy. Relaxing music. We work to engage all your senses.
  • Our therapists limit the number of clients they see in a day, in order to give their best to each client.  We allow 30 minutes between each session to avoid any rush.
  • Rather than being a Jane of all trades, and master of none, we practice only styles which we are passionate about.  We are non-competitive and gladly refer you to the best therapists we know who specialize in the style you seek. 
  • Many studios don’t give you your full time on the table, hands on.  We do.
  • We offer quality recommendations/homework on how to correct habits that may not be serving you.
  • We have a consistent track record of providing the best massages in Portland for over 10 years. 
  • Spas often feel overdone and lack in highly personalized care.  We offer a relax space for you to be the center of attention.

       Experience the difference.