Reiki has become much more well known and appreciated in the recent years.  I was trained in the Usui lineage, but in this course realized that I have in fact been self-taught in this healing style for years.  Our intuition is often our best teacher.

With the unconditionally loving intent of healing Presence, this very simple form is profound in it’s impact.  By holding space with you, your body can find healing for itself.  With deep inner quite, you will be led and supported to follow into this deep, quiet place as well.  Reiki is done clothed while laying on a massage table.  Reiki can help speed healing post surgery, increase ones ability to Love (self and others), help move through or release grief and other difficult emotions, ease anxiety and provide longer term skill in managing anxiety.  It is beneficial for just about anything.  We all need Love, as well as relaxation to balance our nervous systems.  In a world with much to rattle the nerves, Reiki comes in to bring us back to balance.

Transformational Healing

I feel subtleties in the body.  After almost 10 years of being a bodyworker, and a lifetime as an empath, I am sensitive to energy.  What do I mean when I say ‘energy’?  You know when you get a ‘feeling’, a sense?  Some of us are better than others in trusting this ‘sense’. As a bodyworker, this sense can get quite refined over time, especially if you are someone who ‘listens’ really closely and quietly.  This is what meditation trains us to do.  Messages can then come through, in this open space, outside of monkey mind. Clients seem amazed that I just seem to ‘know’ what they need. This has become one of the most important tools I employ – intuition.   

This session empowers and encourages you to participate and co-create your own self-healing session by practicing your intuition. Guided visualizations, breathwork, vocalizations, sound healing, and conscious movement are some of the tools that may be used in such a session.  This session can be done clothed or with standard massage techniques.

After a Transformational Healing session clients report feeling more grounded, energized, centered, and creative.  The body becomes an ally rather than an enemy. A deeper trust of intuition provides more freedom and confidence in daily life, free from anxiety and over-thinking.

I believe we should all be healers. I look forward to a world where all adults and children are skilled in massage, meditation, and compassionate communicate for the empowerment and vibrant health of themselves and their communities.  

Passive Stretching

I am a big proponent of Yin Yoga, as it is a form of stretching that guides you to stay in a resting, passive stretch for 5-7 minutes, approximately.  The reason this is so valuable is because our muscles require time, and breath, to release and stretch to their full length.  Time, because it took more than a few minutes for them to contract to the shortness they have probably come to know, and breath, because our nervous system communicates to our body that we are safe to rest, relax, let go, digest.  With each full breath our muscles are inspired, pun intended, to rest, relax, and lengthen.  

Because we live in a predominantly doing based world, as opposed to a balance of being as well as doing.  We are challenged to slow down, breath, and just be.  I am happy to assist my clients to remember what it is like to slow down, take time, and allow for these long stretches.  

Passive stretching teaches our body how to open to new ranges of motion.  Expands our flexibility to protect us from strains and injury.  Allows greater dynamic movement… that spring in our step!  Releases dysfunctional resistance to opposing muscle groups.  Inspires more graceful movement through life. 


Equilibria Fusion Massage

Each therapist develops a style which combines the best of what they have learned.  My signature offering is known as Equilibria’s Fusion.  I provide a world class fusion that is guaranteed to fulfill your needs.  After a short intake interview we will come to an agreement on a perfect session for you, taking into account all your needs and desires for that day. Truly customized. You are in the best of hands!

Styles available to you include…

Swedish Relaxation

For those who are preferring a lighter pressure that is pure pleasure, no work, this soothing relaxation massage is a deeply calming and incredibly enjoyable experience that works as an energy balancer, gentle detoxifier, and wonderful balm on the nerves!  A purely pleasurable sensory experience to realign ones self out of pain and into greater flow. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage does not mean hard or painful. It means working deep enough to effectively release areas of tension, restriction, and pe that may feel a bit intense, is not intense enough ain. I listen with refined intuition and skill to find your “edge”. Your edge is the place where there may be an intense sensation, but in more of a hurts so good way. It is a placfor your body to contract or stiffen in response to the pressure. Finding this place is key to getting muscles to relax.Using forearms and elbows in a slow mindful manner, I will communicate with your and your body to find this “edge”. I may also guide you with your breath to get the greatest relief possible in a very short period of time. 

Myofascial Release

To understand what Myofascial Release is and why it works, you have to understand a little about fascia. Fascia is a thin tissue that covers all the organs of the body. This tissue covers every muscle and every fiber within each muscle. All muscle stretching, then, is actually stretching of the fascia and the muscle, the myofascial unit. When muscle fibers are injured, the fibers and the fascia which surrounds it become short and tightened. This uneven stress can be transmitted through the fascia to other parts of the body, causing pain and a variety of other symptoms in areas you often wouldn’t expect. Myofascial Release treats these symptoms by releasing the uneven tightness in injured fascia, leading to improved mobility, alignment, and posture, as well as circulation, therefore overall health.

Falcon Cove Hot Stone Therapy

Local basalt stones I personally collected from the North Oregon Coast are warmed to perfection and applied to the skin with oil to provide a deeply penetrating warmth that not only melts ones muscles, but also ones mind.  Stubborn tension cannot help but to surrender to such delightful bliss.  This is a favorite remedy for the cold, dark, wet months here in the Pacific Northwest. 


Cupping is a tool that can provide fast relief to tension and myofascial holding patterns.  Some people find the sensation of cupping utterly satisfying, and others find it painful.  Please let me know if you are curious to try a cup and see where you land on the spectrum.

I use plastic cups that suction to the skin to provide an opposite effect to the downward pressure of massage, by pulling skin and muscle tissues up and away from the body.   This helps create space between these aspects in the body, as well as helping bring fresh blood, oxygen, and energy flow to the areas addressed to renew and revive circulation and tissue health. 

*Be aware that there can be a bruise-like effect to this treatment which may last up to about a week, depending the stagnation present in the area.  


Abdominal Massage

The stomach is an area that is often avoided and overlooked, but is a common place of holding.  I believe from many years of experience that we can hold onto tension, anxiety, emotions, and memories in our bodies.  I describe it as an experienced that we may not have fully experienced through to the end.  Perhaps we did not have the means, skill, or time to fully heal, release, or integrate the experience, or trauma in some cases.  By returning to this holding, we allow ourselves to complete the experience through to completion, full healing, and integration.

Our abdomen is a place that is not only vulnerable physically, as it is the place we carry the majority of our vital organs, but also a place where we can store many of our vulnerable emotions.  We gently visit and meet this area and it’s emotions with tenderness, attention, patience, courage, and care in order to release that which we are ready to let go and move on from.  And this results in greater energy, lightness, and flow. 

I believe this area is a very important area to nurture regularly, not only with a healthy diet and colonics or enemas occasionally, but also mindful meditation and self-massage.