Reiki has become much more well known and appreciated in recent years for it’s ability to quiet the mind and body to find profound healing. I was trained in the Usui lineage, and in this course realized I have in fact been self-taught in this healing style for years. Our intuition is often our best teacher!

With an unconditionally loving Presence, this simple form is deep in it’s impact. You will be led into a deep well of silence where healing takes place. Reiki at Equilibria is done clothed while laying on a massage table.

Reiki can help speed healing post surgery, increase ones ability to Love (self and others), help move through or release grief and other difficult emotions, ease anxiety and provide longer term skill in managing anxiety. It is beneficial for just about anything. We all need Love, as well as relaxation, to balance our nervous systems. In a world with much to rattle the nerves, Reiki comes in to bring us back to balance.