Some of our favorite referrals for your holistic healing and transformation!

Vibrance Ayurveda For Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient India form of natural healing, and Ayurvedic bodywork.  Shirodhara is one of Kamila’s all-time life highlights to receive!  Warm oil poured on your third eye… out of this WORLD bliss. 

Tree of Life Colonics Right here in the heart of Sellwood, find a comforting support for deep healing and transformation with colonics by Shanti. Colonics are Kamila’s 96 year old Grandma’s secret to longevity and healthy life! 

LoveBeing Colonic Hydrotherapy and Reiki with Alec in NE Portland.  A wizard at the art of deep cleansing!

Tasysa Herskovitz – Vocal Sound Healing Practitioner, Tasya provides a healing of the throat chakra like no other.  She holds group as well as individual sessions.

Cloud Mountain Massage and Ashiatsu – Olivia Wycoff LMT in NW Portland. 

Mulligan Mattress – Locally made latex, non-toxic, mold resistant mattress that fully supports your body without springs for the greatest rest of your life. 

Dr. Todd Turnbull, DC Chiropractor