This session helps to make sure that muscles are stretched and flexible, preventing injury, and boosting performance. The more spring in your step, the greater power in the dynamic of your sport – gain up to 20% increase of speed, performance, and strength.

Post-event, this session speeds recovery by bringing relaxation to stressed muscles and mind. Benefits include reduction of swelling and increasing or maintaining range of motion so you can find your best form possible.

Some techniques used may include cupping, deep tissue, passive and resistance stretching, hot stones, among others to get the greatest benefit in the shortest period of time. 

I share insight and help question where you may be overcompensating, therefore overworking, to balance in your body.  Recover that energy, flexibility, balance, and strength to put towards the things you love!  You may also receive helpful recommendations for optimal nutrition, unique supplementation, among others to recover quicker, and be the best at your chosen sport.