“I was hesitant to try a virtual session with Kamila, but felt a real absence in my life without our regular sessions. I was a little surprised—and relieved!—to find that her gentle and healing presence came through so clearly during our session, even when we were separated by a screen. I felt so connected to her and myself, and noticed a real impact on my energy and spirit after the session and into the next week. Now more than ever, I appreciate her guidance in tuning out the stress of the world and tapping into a deep sense of inner peace. I’ve done multiple sessions with her now from home, and I would recommend her virtual sessions just as much as I would her in-person sessions!

– Lauren H.

“For the past three years, I have been seeing Kamila for massage, cupping, sound healing and anything else she is guided to do. Kamila has always followed her intuition in our in-person sessions together. I love the organic approach she takes in our sessions. She always finds the places that need attention and release. I had no idea what to expect with a Zoom session, and decided to give it a try. Knowing what an intuitive and gifted healer Kamila is, it was no surprise that she was able to gently discovery the places that needed attention and release – just like in our in person sessions! The connection between mind and body became very apparent to me in our Zoom session – I found that the meditative work had a direct impact on my physical state. The connection was so clear. The Zoom session was like a guided meditation, specifically tailored to my needs. With Kamila’s guidance, I had the patience and willingness to go to the places within myself where I most needed to go. The experience allowed for transformation and made space where there were blockages. I am grateful to have found Kamila – she has been a integral part of my ability to heal after many traumatic events. Whether in-person or via Zoom, this powerful intuitive healer helps guide us to the places that are calling out for attention. I highly recommend giving the Zoom sessions a try – you will be pleasantly surprised by how powerful these sessions can be.”

-Jill B. 

“I wanted to say thank you so much for being a light worker during these ever changing times. I am so grateful for the time you offer me, for the relaxation I experience during the sessions, the self care and safety I am developing within  myself and all the healing services you offer. They are all so therapeutic and awesome!” –

Holly M.

“My session with Kamila was beautiful. She really gently guided me into my heart space and I was easily able to release emotion that had been held there. It felt like a really gentle experience and Kamila guided me with such care and softness into places I had resisted. She created a sense of safety and this enabled me to meet a shadowy expression of myself that I had been too afraid to confront. I have worked with many healers and guides over the years and I have always resisted doing this piece of work as it felt too big, too scary and not safe. Kamila in a short space of time supported me to a place of readiness to do this work and I am forever grateful. She is so intuitive and I felt her holding my hand the entire time even though our session took place online. To be truly seen in the most vulnerable expression of yourself is a freeing and healing experience and if you are feeling called to this work I would 100% recommend working with Kamila.”

– Caroline F.