“I’ve had the opportunity to receive bodywork from Robin Bodhi on multiple occasions, both for therapeutic massage and pain management after injuring my neck and back from a repetitive strain injury. Robin is the type of practitioner that truly “meets you where you are.” She really knows how to create a soothing, relaxing, therapeutic space that lulls me into a blessed state of relaxation each time. If I’m struggling with any physical challenges, she will expertly modify the massage to meet my body’s needs. Her exceptional listening and communication skills, in addition to her highly intuitive insights, make each session a true healing experience for body, mind and spirit.

In addition to being an extremely gifted bodyworker, another aspect that I truly appreciate about Robin is her demeanor. I’ve told her on several occasions that when I’m in her presence, I feel as though I’ve just entered a Japanese Zen garden. Her vibe is so soothing to my nervous system. She is just an all-around talented and wonderful person. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Erin Lehn Floresca

Producer, Actor and Freelance Writer and Editor at Natural Awakenings Magazine

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