Word of mouth, personal story, is vital to any healers continued success in helping and healing.  Perhaps you read a review which led you to me.  

Please consider leaving your own review, to keep the momentum flowing, and if you have any suggestions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me first.  Your honest reflections are invaluable to me.  I am all ears. If you are feeling disappointed, I want to know about it, and would love the opportunity to make things right for you.  Please know that I sincerely care that you are happy with your experience. 


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Equilibria Massage        

“I’ve been with Equilibria ever since 2010. After thinking about it, here’s what really appeals to me. I like that it’s a small practice. I like that it’s not sterile and anonymous feeling like a massage parlor, with harsh bright walls; or overwhelming like spas can be, where they might put a little too much emphasis on the aesthetics, make it an overly stimulating an environment, and attract a lot of foot traffic because they offer so many amenities. I like that Equilibria does massage and massage only; I like specialization and expertise because I think it really does make a difference in quality. I think their tables are the cushiest I’ve ever laid on. The room is calm, inviting, and during the winter it’s a great place to be when they have all the candles going in their fireplace. It’s…cozy, perfect for relaxing. I like that the owners are also masseuses, that they’re not removed from the process of what’s going on, and can therefore better serve their clients (both in the moment, and beyond).” 

Lindsay Y.

“I’ve been a client at Equilibria for close to 10 years. And I’ve had a lot of massages in those years. I’ve tried out other therapists from time to time, but I always come back to the excellent care at Equilibria. Kamila gives excellent massages. Period. 

For me, Equilibria is the best of massage all in one beautiful package.
Their space is accessible, clean, peaceful and relaxing. Their vibe is friendly, caring and health conscious. Their website is beautiful, informative and it’s easy to schedule online.  

Over the years I’ve arrived at their office needing everything from relief from stress and tension, help rehabbing a sports injury, pampering before my wedding and during pregnancy, and most recently comfort and healing while going through treatment for cancer. In each situation, Kamila was able to address my needs and send me on my way feeling calm, relaxed and energized. What more could you want?”

Lael P.

“Kamila is incredibly present and attentive. I could tell she has a deep understanding of both physiology and the connection between your body and your mind and everyday life. She also made me feel comfortable giving her feedback – or just letting her work her magic. I can feel still feel the effects of the massage, but without any soreness. Amazing. I highly recommend her.”

Andrea B.

“I’ve never had a massage therapist who seemed to innately understand what my body needed. I play a very physical sport and she honed right into the areas that needed attention, working with my body to release tension, stretch tight muscles and overall leave me feeling totally refreshed and relaxed.  Worth the visit from Denver!”

Kristy D.