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PAIN RELIEF! I had the pleasure of working with Concetta today at Equilibria Wellness. Right from the start she was so kind, caring and just warm to be around. I Felt comfortable from the start. She’s a HEALER. I’ve been to 20+ massage therapists over the years, and she is by far the best I’ve experienced. I have knots throughout my neck, shoulders and back, and in a one hour session, she was able to aliviate so much of my pain and anguish. I walked out feeling like a million bucks. I will be back monthly. She is mighty for her size, was able to dig deep and get in all the correct trouble areas and trigger points to make me feel normal again. If you’re searching for “ the one “ in a massage therapist, look no further than Concetta here at Equilibria Wellness. Thx, Concetta!”Kamila is absolutely amazing. Every once in awhile you encounter a massage therapist who is a true healer. Someone who seems to have such a strong intuition that you almost feel like it’s unnecessary to tell them where you need them to work. Someone who’s every touch feels profoundly important and appropriate. She seems to know exactly what to do and the exact pressure to use. I also feel that she is deeply engaged the entire session and is putting all of her concentration into healing my body. I cannot say enough good things about Kamila. I feel so very blessed to have her in my life.”

~ Casey Kanady

“I have had a lot of massage, and Kamila at Equilibira really stands out. Her technique felt like stretching and lengthening my muscles and she worked with my breathing to work out the tightness. She moved so much stuck energy I was dizzy after my treatment! Kamila has such big, warm, solid energy, and her space is so soothingly beautiful. I highly recommend her for both relaxation and therapy!”

~ Nancy L. 

“Had a massage for my Mother’s Day present with Kamila… honestly, it was one of the best things a mother can have. She’s magical, beautiful and truly knew knew what my body needed. I just left right now and I feel like I’m drifting on clouds. I have had many massages but I’ve never had one where I fell asleep so quickly. Ahhh.”

~ Camille R.

“I can’t say enough good things about working with Kamila. She uses her intuition to guide her sessions to bring out deep healing. I knew I had something “stuck” inside and nothing was working to help it release. Kamila brought patience and persistence to the table to assist my body in just the right ways to help it heal when it was ready. It took several sessions, as it usually expected when you are transforming, but this block did release. Kamila has created a healing space that allows you to feel very safe, calm, and supported. She is a gifted healer and has helped my process in so many ways. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for transformation on all levels.”
~ Jen Owen

“Imagine… if you could zero out, suspend time and surrender to nothingness. As Kamila’s hands danced on my back, I was trying my best to drop morsels of this experience into the music that was flowing, so that I could play it later and relive it (as I am right now, typing this). It was not a regular Swedish massage. It was Kamila’s own intuitive movements consisting of cross-terrain hops, feathertouch and slides. She let her muse take over and wrote poetry on my back. It was a totally new experience for me. Talk about sensory input, damn. Kamila is very talented in what she does, and if you want some deep work done, she is damn strong too. You will melt in her hands.”      

~ Anant S.

“I’ve been a client at Equilibria for close to 10 years. And I’ve had a lot of massages in those years. I’ve tried out other therapists from time to time, but I always come back to the excellent care at Equilibria. Kamila gives excellent massages. Period. For me, Equilibria is the best of massage all in one beautiful package.  Over the years I’ve arrived at her office needing everything from relief from stress and tension, help rehabbing a sports injury, pampering before my wedding and during pregnancy, and most recently comfort and healing while going through treatment for cancer. In each situation, Kamila was able to address my needs and send me on my way feeling calm, relaxed and energized. What more could you want?”     

~ Lael P.

“A massage with Kamila is a heart-opening experience. The calm and grounded space she holds and her ability to tune-in and listen deeply to my body, allowed me to fully relax and open. She has an intuitive touch and found the areas where I was holding tension and emotion, returning flow to places where I had been blocked. Kamila has an ability to soothe and comfort while working out tight muscles and congested energy. I felt safe in her hands and left the massage more open, soothed and able to progress towards a healthier state of being. I highly recommend her work to anyone in need of massage or energy work. Thank you, Kamila!”

~ Ana T.

“Kamila is incredibly present and attentive. I could tell she has a deep understanding of both physiology and the connection between your body and your mind and everyday life. She also made me feel comfortable giving her feedback – or just letting her work her magic. I can feel still feel the effects of the massage, but without any soreness. Amazing. I highly recommend her.”    

~ Andrea B.

“I’ve never had a massage therapist who seemed to innately understand what my body needed. I play a very physical sport and she honed right into the areas that needed attention, working with my body to release tension, stretch tight muscles and overall leave me feeling totally refreshed and relaxed.  Worth the visit from Denver!”      

~ Kristy D.

“I would take a massage at Equilibria over a new pair of shoes any day of the week. Really. The atmosphere is incredibly welcoming and very comfortable. I had a massage last week and I left giggling, and continued to smile for hours, because I felt good, lighter and relaxed.”

~ Lauren G. 

“I’ve seen quite a few massage therapists in Portland, and I can honestly say that Equilibria is the best!  I visited Kamila for rehab of an injury that never quite healed from an old auto accident. When I walked out of there I felt like a new man! Kamila is an amazing healer and will work harder than anyone to make sure you get the care that you need. She know show to massage in a gentle caring way, but she is also not afraid to dig in deep if necessary to root out the problems in your tissue.”

~ Daniel C.