Word of mouth and personal story is vital to any healers continued success. Perhaps you read a review which led you to us!

If you are feeling disappointed, we want to know about it, and would love the opportunity to make things right for you! 

Thank you for your trust in us, 

The Equilibria Team


“Robin is the type of practitioner that truly “meets you where you are.” She really knows how to create a soothing, relaxing, therapeutic space that lulls me into a blessed state of relaxation each time.”
– Erin F
“Robin is an intuitive healer and I am so grateful I found her. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get more connected themselves emotionally, physically, or spiritually.”
– Veronica R.
“Simply said, she’s the best masseuse I’ve ever gone to, and I go to a lot. You can’t go wrong with Robin, people.”
– Troy L. 
“Her vibe is so soothing to my nervous system.”
– Erin L

“Working with Robin has recalibrated my body and nervous system to a more calming space.”

– Jessica M.

“Leah was so incredible. I felt deeply cared for and safe. She gave an amazing massage and was so intuitive and I left feeling like blissful putty. I highly recommend her! The atmosphere is so soothing.”

– Alexandria W.

“I’ve never had a massage therapist who seemed to innately understand what my body needed. I play a very physical sport and she honed right into the areas that needed attention, working with my body to release tension, stretch tight muscles and overall leave me feeling totally refreshed and relaxed.  Worth the visit from Denver!”      

~ Kristy D.

“I would take a massage at Equilibria over a new pair of shoes any day of the week. Really. The atmosphere is incredibly welcoming and very comfortable. I had a massage last week and I left giggling, and continued to smile for hours, because I felt good, lighter and relaxed.”

~ Lauren G. 

” Leah is great! She does amazing deep work and combines wonderful deep strokes with Swedish long strokes. Be ready to have your muscles shift! She is amazing! ”

– Michelle M. 

“PAIN RELIEF! I had the pleasure of working with Concetta today at Equilibria Wellness. Right from the start she was so kind, caring and just warm to be around. I Felt comfortable from the start. She’s a HEALER. I’ve been to 20+ massage therapists over the years, and she is by far the best I’ve experienced. I have knots throughout my neck, shoulders and back, and in a one hour session, she was able to aliviate so much of my pain and anguish. I walked out feeling like a million bucks. I will be back monthly. She is mighty for her size, was able to dig deep and get in all the correct trouble areas and trigger points to make me feel normal again. If you’re searching for “ the one “ in a massage therapist, look no further than Concetta here at Equilibria Wellness. Thx, Concetta!”Kamila is absolutely amazing. Every once in awhile you encounter a massage therapist who is a true healer. Someone who seems to have such a strong intuition that you almost feel like it’s unnecessary to tell them where you need them to work. Someone who’s every touch feels profoundly important and appropriate. She seems to know exactly what to do and the exact pressure to use. I also feel that she is deeply engaged the entire session and is putting all of her concentration into healing my body. I cannot say enough good things about Kamila. I feel so very blessed to have her in my life.”

~ Casey Kanady