Gain clarity, focus, perspective, and direction with the support of an intuitive reading which uses images from a variety of decks to choose from. There is power and potency in ritual especially when held with another person who is helping you hold power around your intentions.

Receive tools for empowerment to make the greatest use of the information you receive from your card/s. Uplift yourself with this great tool and learn how to provide it for yourself at home as well!

Readings can be especially helpful when feeling stuck on a decision, when needing confirmation, support, encouragement, when in preparation for transition, or in needing grounding, just to name a few.Trust your gut.
If you feel called, it is probably time!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via email.

Sessions can go slightly over one hour, so make sure you have spaciousness around your appointment.It is best not to rush Spirit, and Spirit doesn’t always care as much about timeliness as some of us do.:)