The stomach is an area that is often avoided and overlooked, but is a common place of holding.  I believe from many years of experience that we can hold onto tension, anxiety, emotions, and memories in our bodies.  I describe it as an experienced that we may not have fully experienced through to the end.  Perhaps we did not have the means, skill, or time to fully heal, release, or integrate the experience, or trauma in some cases.  By returning to this holding, we allow ourselves to complete the experience through to completion, full healing, and integration.

Our abdomen is a place that is not only vulnerable physically, as it is the place we carry the majority of our vital organs, but also a place where we can store many of our vulnerable emotions.  We gently visit and meet this area and it’s emotions with tenderness, attention, patience, courage, and care in order to release that which we are ready to let go and move on from.  And this results in greater energy, lightness, and flow. 

I believe this area is a very important area to nurture regularly, not only with a healthy diet, colonics, and/or enemas, but also mindful meditation and self-massage.

For colonics, I highly recommend Alec Steury at Chakra 17.