Ceremonial healings are blessings for the body, mind, heart, and soul. Blessings are ideal for honoring transitions in ones life, birthdays, rites of passage, and other big life changing events. We can custom design a blessing or ritual healing for you, in addition to the unique blessings we design and offer.

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Awakening the Empress : A Rose Blessing

A Sacred Offering by Kamila 

Rose has been considered the highest frequency flower on earth since time immemorial – the queen of flowers representing unconditional love.  Strong, sacred, gorgeous, she holds the energy of the divine feminine fully expressed. This intuitively guided session can include visualization, affirmation, activation, body blessing, energy healing, sound healing, oracle card reading, smudging, and hot stone massage – all to activate you more fully into your own inner Queen/Empress.  2020 is the year for women to rise to equality, empowerment, freedom, creativity, and fearless authentic expression.  A transformational feminine initiation.

$222 for 2 hours.  


Embodied Spirit : An Anointing Blessing

A Sacred Offering by Concetta

Create a conscious connection with your body, mind, and spirit for your deepened embodiment and healing. This blessing includes sound healing, energy work, aromatherapy oil anointments, and gem stones placements for chakra balancing and healing. Anointings ground and heal your physical and spiritual bodies to support you in transformation.

90 Minute Session $150