If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) massage can help and is covered in Oregon by PIP(personal injury protection).
PIP can pay for your healing up to a year after your accident.
Massage can help relieve muscular pain and return function throughout the body.  
When you have been in an accident your muscles can get traumatized and can stay stuck in a contracted “protecting” state.  This can cause pain, decreased range of motion in joints and pinched nerves leading to tingling, numbness and weakness particularly in limbs.   
The sooner you receive bodywork the sooner they you may relax, heal, and return muscles to their correct lengths. The longer you wait to get care, the stiffer things can become, and the less time you have to use your PIP to cover therapeutic services.  
How to get massage covered following a motor vehicle accident:
1) Open a claim.
2) Try to see a doctor with in 24 hours of your accident to get a diagnosis and prescription for massage.
3) Contact a massage therapist to set up an appointment.
4)  Provide your Massage Therapist with your insurance information, claim information, and doctors prescription.


We look forward to supporting you in your healing!