Have you thought about weaving a new tradition into your holiday to add more simplicity, peace + feel good energy?  Try these new traditions:

Share an experience.  Spend time with those you love, instead of more gifting of things.  Its the experiences we all remember most!

Restful togetherness. A client suggested a Scandanavian tradition where everyone gifts you a book on your list and ya’ll curl up  by the fire. Introverts rejoice!

Prepare a plant based meal together. What better gift than that of health! Where you all feel light and uplifted at the end of the meal.  Try something new and skip the alcohol for bonus wellbeing!

Look over your photos to reflect and vision. Over the past year and take stock of all you have done.  List some things you are grateful for, and feel into the visions you hold for this year to come. 

Share what you discover from your visioning and reflecting with someone you trust and love. You might even make a vision board with images from magazines to hold a visual representation of what you are calling in this 2020, a year for crystal clear vision!

Have other suggestions?   We would love to hear from you!


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