The breath is an amazing tool that I highly recommend everyone explore more.  Don’t underestimate the power that a deep breath, even if slightly forced or awkward, can have on your wellbeing.  When we inhale, we are telling our nervous system that it is okay to relax, release, recharge.  Ahhhhhh….  Perhaps on some deeper level we don’t feel safe, and that is why we subconsciously feel we must stay on guard – an exhausting stance to have to maintain day in and day out.  Most of us hold our breath and the pressure inside us just builds.  Think of your breath as a release valve. Ahhhhhh… 

So often we are locked into a state of fight or flight without even noticing it.  Think about it.  Take noise pollution.  This is one thing that we have shut out for the most part in order not to go crazy, but just listen for a moment.  Right now, outside my window there is a great deal of traffic.  Not a scary sound, so you might think.  But when we stop and really listen, what do we feel?  There is stimulation of our senses for one.  We are distracted perhaps from what we are doing for a moment.  We might even feel the vibration of the vehicle as it rattles our floor if even a minute bit.  And then we think for a moment about a car rushing by our house at 35 miles per hour or so.  Perhaps our primal self worries a little bit.  That is a powerful object with force, weight, and an ability to cause harm.  I’m not bringing this to your attention to inflate fear, but I believe that whether we think about it or not, the anxiety is there, underlying.  Our exposure to such input and experience does communicate to us whether we are listening or not. 

Perhaps now is a good time for another deep inhale and exhale?

My passion and purpose in my work is ultimately to bring my clients into fuller embodiment.  What does that mean?  It means to actually get you to feel deeply, intimately, engaging fully with the complexity that is your body-mind-spirit.  To listen, question, perceive, choose more wisely and consciously.  I know people say body-mind-spirit a lot, so it has lost a lot of it’s value.  But when you really think about it, it’s a powerful prayer to bring these three things into the light of our awareness to heighten our full abilities in this life.  If we are not feeling our body then we are not feeling our feelings fully.  When we don’t feel our feelings we can either become the victim of emotional outbursts, depression, or other uncomfortable and unruly experiences, as do those who come in contact with us. Also, when we are not sensitive enough within our bodies to read its subtle cues, there to protect us, we may be passive in allowing unwanted experiences which then create harm for us.

When we come into loving relationship with our body, we come to meet our mind and spirit in a whole new, rich, messy, and magical way.  To be clear, the reuniting of the body with the soul and mind is not always easy.  There is usually a good deal of sadness that surfaces, as well as other unsavory emotions that can be humbling to say the least, but the alternative is far more sad.  Living a life not being in the body is like missing 3/4 of the journey, and the bliss and joys are equal to the pain, so it all works out!  We are meant to hold space for it all, and we are not only capable of it, be I believe we were meant to feel it all.  This is how we will learn to live in a world where senseless killing is no longer ignored, as well as unhappy marriages and friendships endured. 

I encourage you to summon the bravery that I know lives within you.  It is within us all.  I am honored to support you and usher you through to a world you will surely be glad you ventured to come to finally call… home.  Equilibria is not just about staying on the surface of bodywork alone.  Equilibria is about finding yourself, your true Self, through the body, with wisdom, boldness, beauty, and sensitivity.  I hope to join you in this beautiful transformation. 

And don’t be shy to breath heavy or loud when receive bodywork with me.  That is what I do when I receive body work and it may sound strange, but if you are really looking to get the most healing, I guarantee, this will multiply the effects of your session. 

Blessings on your path to your fullest joy, body mind soul.



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